Intangible Canvas 2018
#Installation #VR #Thesis

This project focuses on questions of how the artist can adapt VR with traditional paintings or drawings as well as how their observations change with different media. We question how we can define art using our experiences as artists and how we can manifest VR into a new artistic genre. The project combines various techniques and manifests the artist’s vision of a new experimental arena.

Mirror Lights 2018
#Performance #Light

w/Camilla Padgitt-Coles

Mirror Lights is a two-person performance using light and acoustic sound to create a virtual reality experience in a non- digital way. In a dark room, one person shines a light at a mylar sheet and the other person follows the first person’s light movement, thereby creating an illusion. This project allows us a chance to play around in an environment without technology and explore the VR perspective and the way our eyes see the world.

Fragmental Light 2017
#VR #Painting

‘Fragmental Lights’ are multiple figures and features that exist within the natural wilderness. By incorporating this, viewers are allowed to immerse themselves in these circumstances with paintings and virtual reality. Through this project, I aim to let my paintings show elements resting in the space, located on the blank canvas between the tangible and the intangible.

Dreamers 2017
#Digital #Canvas #Projection

 w/ Mona Kim

“Dreamers” is an interactive art installation that dissolves the line between the virtual and dream worlds. Users and painting objects become the adventurers and dreamers exploring the imaginative place.

Aquatic Reality 2017
#Installation #Performance
w/ Roxanne Kim, Gustavo Abbott

Aquatic Reality is a performative installation using a tracking system based on a fish ’s movement in a tank to create a realtime image. We created visually interactive art using a living thing.

Event Plan2017
#3D #Prototyping
w/ Mona Kim, Ji young Chun

We designed the mood in the event space based on GOURMAND’s magazine. This publication is the source of inspiration for the lighting, hues, and theme we chose to use. We ultimately created a 3D prototype on Unity.

Dating Stories 2016
#Film #Board
w/ Chris Hall

We are handing over the reins in the medium of storytelling to the viewer by asking them to choose the direction of a first date.

Future Exhibition 2017
#AR #Museum  

w/ Chloe Gao, Amanda Lee

Future Exhibition provides an AR experience with art pieces and also gives exhibition information. It is a new way to experience art pieces as well as a way to promote museums.

A Talking Girl 2016
#Fabrication #Motor
w/ Danni Huang

This negative space animation is of a girl whose face and hair keep changing as it spins depending on distance between user and the girl.

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